Battery advance extends RV range

A solar-powered RV with 250-mile range

US start-up Grounded has developed a modular electric recreation vehicle (RV) with a range of 250 miles (writes Nick Flaherty).

The G2 increases the range from the 100 miles of the original version, the G1, by using a larger and more efficient battery pack.

The G2 is based on the Zevo 600 platform from BrightDrop, which is backed by General Motors. The platform uses the GM Ultium pouch cells in an 800 V, 165 kWh pack.

The RV has an additional 10 kWh of battery to power the interior, called the house battery. This can be charged from vehicle battery as well as 640 W rooftop solar cells. Both the vehicle battery and the house battery systems are bidirectional, allowing the vehicle battery to be charged from the house battery if necessary.

Sensors in the vehicle monitor the usage of the battery systems and diagnose potential issues. The software will also learn how users operate the vehicle over time, with plans to extend the lifespan of the battery pack through over-the-air updates to provide optimisation.

The Zevo is built at CAMI Assembly in Canada, and is shipped to Grounded for the rest of the implementation, The G2 also includes the Starlink satellite broadband service for high-speed internet access.

The G2 interior implements a grid-based modular system with a library of modules and the ability to choose the location of each module. The modules are attached to exposed mounting rails within the vehicle, allowing customers to add and remove them. The rails can also be used by customers for mounting additional accessories.