Amprius rolls out high-density SiCore batteries with extended cycle life

Amprius expects to produce SiMaxx and SiCore batteries at its new factory in Colorado
(Image courtesy of Amprius Technologies)

Amprius Technologies, a manufacturer of next-generation lithium-ion batteries, has unveiled its new SiCore product platform, with the aim of revolutionising electric mobility.

The company has also branded its existing silicon nanowire platform, SiMaxx, with its current product range of up to 500 Wh/kg and 1,300 Wh/L energy density.

The new SiCore batteries are based on an innovative, proprietary silicon anode material system. The cell chemistry is designed to offer high energy density of up to 400 Wh/kg and a long cycle life, with as many as 1,200 cycles at full depth of discharge.

“Leveraging our proven track record of delivering the industry’s highest commercially available energy density silicon anode lithium-ion cells to esteemed aviation customers, such as AALTO/Airbus, AeroVironment, BAE Systems, Teledyne FLIR and the US military, Amprius sees a significant opportunity with SiCore to broaden our silicon anode battery solutions today and advance more applications across electric mobility,” says Kang Sun, CEO of Amprius Technologies.

Positive feedback

Developed with Berzelius (Nanjing), a formerly affiliated company then known as Amprius (Nanjing), SiCore’s performance has been tested across various applications in the e-mobility market. Initial samples have garnered positive feedback from customers with demanding performance requirements.

“We are excited to have been part of the initial testing with Amprius as they evaluated launching the ground-breaking SiCore battery, designed to significantly extend the travel range and cycle life of anything that flies or moves, compared to currently available commercial batteries,” says John P. Aldana, senior director of the Switchblade 300 Product Line, Loitering Missile Systems, at AeroVironment.

“As a pioneer in supplying ultra-high-energy silicon anode batteries to the aviation sector, we believe Amprius is well-positioned to introduce its new product families that provide extended range and enhanced performance,” he adds.

Ready for delivery

Through an exclusive supply agreement with its partner, Berzelius, Amprius possesses exclusive rights to market these silicon anode materials in the US, Canada and Mexico. The SiCore batteries are currently made by toll manufacturing partners.

MWh-scale quantities of SiCore products in a wider range of form factors, encompassing pouch, large-form factor (up to 100 Ah) and cylindrical cells are available for delivery.

“The global battery market size for electric mobility is projected to grow to over $100bn by 2025, including aviation and electric vehicles. This new product platform is expected to strengthen our ability to meet customers’ volume-shipment requirements immediately, while presenting a drop-in solution to foster silicon anode adoption in multiple applications, allowing us to better address this growing market,” says Sun.