Amada Weld Tech highlights TP-AWS3-A touchscreen panel for weld monitoring

TP-AWS3-A Touchscreen Panel 
(Image courtesy of Amada Weld Tech)

Amada Weld Tech highlights their latest advancement in laser weld monitoring technology, the TP-AWS3-A Touchscreen Panel for Weld Monitoring. In today’s global commerce traceability and accountability is of utmost importance, an integrated, accessible, and all-inclusive monitoring system is necessary.

The TP-AWS3-A Touchscreen Panel offers a wide range of features to streamline the monitoring, analysis, and storage of welding operations for your company. Available in both standard and large sizes, this panel is functional, accessible, and fully integrable with existing OP-AWS3-A systems.

When used in tandem with a welding system, such as AWTE’s AWS3 Active Welding System, the touchscreen panel provides live-time dynamic measurement, cataloguing, and analysis of all welding variables, offering comprehensive data to improve existing workflows, support product development, and ensure ISO, GMP, and TQM compliance.

The TP-AWS3-A panel features impressive capabilities, such as two independent measurement channels on screen, providing expanded oversight. Users can view voltage oscillations with the panel’s oscilloscope functions, complete with Zoom and Cursor Modes.

With full on-screen SPC capability, quality measurement is shown in real-time, making quality control efforts more actionable and focused. An integrated time and date system makes weld reporting and traceability efforts easier to track. The panel takes care of scheduling logistics with an ability to store up to 99 schedules in the system, complete with password protection and multiple language capabilities so teams across the globe can ensure smooth welding operations simultaneously.