Altran Magnetics’ AXV200 Series DC Contactor

AXV200 Series DC Contactor
(Image courtesy of Altran Magnetics)

DC contactors are at the heart of all types of modern transportation, where efficiency and reliability is
paramount. Altran Magnetics are excited to announce their new AXV200 Series DC Contactor, a marvel of
engineering, designed to switch power in the next generation of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Boasting an impressive ability to handle high current and high voltages with a 350A+ at 1500VDC rating, the
AXV200 is tailored for the high demands of energy storage and e-mobility applications. The AXV has a gasfilled,
hermetically sealed arc chamber which ensures swift and safe voltage switching, crucial for the
dynamic requirements of electric vehicle power systems. The AXV200 series is equipped with either a dual
coil or pulse width modulation (PWM) economized coil. The AXV200 is a versatile solution. Its highreliability
design is complemented by ceramic sealing and bi-directional switching, it also meets the
standards of RoHS and CE certifications.

Altran is not just keeping pace with the industry; it’s driving it towards a more efficient and sustainable
future. With full manufacturing traceability, unmatched global technical support and competitive pricing,
the AXV200 Series DC Contactor is more than a component; it’s a cornerstone of e-mobility, paving the way
for a cleaner, safer, and more efficient tomorrow.