Allison now offers fuel cell and CNG testing

Allison’s Test Center offers year-round testing to give reliable and repeatable results
(Courtesy of Allison Transmission)

Allison Transmission has announced the availability of hydrogen fuel cell and compressed natural gas (CNG) testing at its Vehicle Electrification + Environmental Test Center.

The company has completed the installation of two phases of hydrogen capabilities.

Phase one provides the ability to safely detect and manage hydrogen gas or flames in a test cell as well as CNG powerplants. Phase two includes a low-pressure, constant supply of hydrogen fed into a vehicle’s fuel cell, providing extended test runs while minimising downtime for refuelling.

Allison recently collaborated with one of its OEM partners to complete testing of the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at the Test Center. Other OEMs are looking at fuel cell vehicle testing projects for later this year.

The facility can now support external customer testing and validation programmes for vehicles powered by every major propulsion type, including diesel, gasoline, natural gas, battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell.

The 60,000 sq ft facility offers the ability to conduct year-round testing that can replicate extreme environments to give dependable, reliable and repeatable results.