GKN Automotive launches next-generation inverter

GKN’s new inverter has 20% more power and 50% more power density than its previous version
(Images courtesy of GKN Automotive)

Drive systems supplier GKN Automotive has launched its next-generation inverter, offering OEMs what it says is the most advanced 800 V EV technology available.

The inverter, one of three modular elements of GKN Automotive’s eDrive platform, offers a 20% power output increase over the previous version. In addition, power density is up by 50%, power-to-weight ratio up by 60 per cent, and copper content is reduced by 63%.

Integrating 800 V technology will mean faster charging times, increased battery size and improved performance for future EVs. By 2025, the company forecasts that most EV on the market will use the technology, and for existing vehicles the inverter is also compatible with 400 V systems.