The 2nd European Automotive Decarbonization And Sustainability Summit 2024

19-20th March 2024

Frankfurt, Germany

As the world continues to grapple with the consequences of climate change, the automotive sector, being a significant contributor to carbon emissions, must take bold steps towards decarbonization. Many countries have also formulated requirements and policies for the development of low-carbon vehicles, and most companies in the automotive industry around the world have realized the importance of low-carbon development and sustainable development. Automotive industry players should make a comprehensive plan for the decarbonization and sustainability goal. Sustainability and decarbonization should be integrated to the automotive industry value chain, from product design, material selection, supply chain, manufacturing, logistic, and event used cars recycling. This event aims to gather automotive industry leaders, policymakers, and experts will have a platform to collaboratively devise strategies that prioritize cleaner mobility solutions, reduced carbon footprints, and enhanced environmental stewardship.